A Little More About Rachel Dawn...

Writer. Speaker. Lover of Jesus. Imperfect Wife of Barry. Restored Dreamer.

Rachel Dawn Neuberger grew up in a small farm town in Kentucky often working on her family’s dairy and tobacco farm. Entrepreneurial at heart, she started her first business at 16.  Rachel met and married her “prince charming” young (as many small-town girls do), and embarked on an exciting life, certain she was destined for success and happiness.

Then, it all fell apart.

By 25 she found herself divorced, discouraged, disenchanted, and starting over.  The lessons she learned rebuilding her life, regaining her courage, and reigniting her dreams have since inspired countless others. Today, she has a wonderful husband, two crazy dogs, and a thriving career that continues to challenge her to find new ways to overcome obstacles and live victoriously.

She writes and speaks with transparency and vulnerability, telling humorous and impactful stories from her own life about resiliency, and overcoming painful, unpredictable circumstances despite insurmountable odds, whether at work or at home.  Whether reading her work or listening to her speak, it feels as if she’s chatting one-on-one over a cup of coffee.



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